Best Places To Camp In Arizona: Awesome Things You Should Know!

Best Places To Camp In Arizona: Awesome Things You Should Know!

Have you ever gone camping in Arizona?  Arizona is home to some of the best camping sites in the United States. Campers from all over the world visit these sites for their uniqueness and distinct culture they present, which lighten up the mood in whatever set up.

This list offers the best places to camp in Arizona. You may find a good location suited for your next camping trip.  By the way, do not forget to follow our thread to know more awesome places to camp in the U.S.

Best Campsites In Arizona: Where You Should Travel Next!

This list will show you top 10 campgrounds in arizona that I highly recommend 🙂

1 / Camp At Pine Grove Campground

This is a perfect get away for the entire family when it comes to camping. With top-class facilities such as coin-operated showers and grills, campers are guaranteed the best stay.

Pine Grove is surrounded by numerous lakes which add onto its glamor (e.g., Marshall and Ashurst).

Also, the camping site is at all times peaceful, making it a perfect place for meditation. Hikers enjoy ample space offered for hiking, making use of the trail present at the campground.

Those who have visited this site can without a doubt testify that this is indeed one of the best places to visit when in Arizona.

2 / Camping At Red Rock

This camping site offers the best of sceneries to campers. There are loads of camping sites once you reach FS 231 which is west of Downtown Flagstaff.


In approaching the edge, use your best judgment, as there are no rails to guide through. This is the best place for setting up camp fires and watching the stars- the view is just spectacular.

Caution should, however, be taken when lighting campfires at certain times as the leaves around as well as tree branches are typically dry.

The best way to reach your destination during the winter season is by the use of a four-wheel-drive car; the path is usually treacherous during this time of the year.

3 / Explore Monument Valley

Monument Valley has a history of leaving visitors with the urge of returning to the site given the slightest chance.


With a spectacular landscape and ‘magical’ sand, this camping site has the best attributes needed by campers.

Contributing to its uniqueness is the existence Navajo culture which spices up the scene for visitors. The camp charges around $20 a night for campers wanting to stay at the wilderness sites.

The path leading to the camping site is rugged and unpaved, so visitors are advised to travel by a vehicle with the ability to withstand the condition.

4 / Camp At The A1 Mountain

Nothing is more convenient than an easily accessible camping site. This is one of the main reasons why campers like the A1 Mountain so much.

Apart from it being easily accessible, A1 Mountain offers a spectacular view of the San Francisco Peaks, an excellent trail, and there are absolutely no charges for campus camping on the site!

Travelling to the camping site doesn’t necessarily require a well-built car; one can easily reach in a regular car.

5 / Visit Lost Dutchman State Park

This camping site is located 40 miles past Phoenix. Get easy access to biking trails as well as hiking while at the Lost Dutchman State Park.


It is well equipped with recreational equipment and is well near the Superstition Mountains which is an amazing landscape.

Campers testify to the fact that this camping site’s strength is the number of outdoor activities it provides.

The treasure loop trail as well as several hiking trails spice up the camping site and add onto the natural excitement felt by anyone pitching a camp at the Lost Dutchman State Park.

6 / Set Camp At Mogollon Rim

Experience star-viewing at its best during your stay at this camping site. You may be required to reserve some of the camping sites available.


However, most of the camping sites are available for free. Just two hours past Phoenix, Mogollon Rim is outstanding and one of the best camping sites in Arizona.

Tips For Your Happy Trip

Consider carrying following things for your happy trip. Good preparations will make your trip more comfortable.

  • hand-o-right
    Bring along firewood, cooking equipment
  • hand-o-right
    Carry sleeping pads, extra blankets, a tent or a hammock for camping
  • hand-o-right
    Bug repellents, and shells
  • hand-o-right
    Mountain bike, and a camera for adventure
  • hand-o-right
    Hiking shoes (for hikers)

In case you prefer lake camping, I'd like to suggest you the list as below.

Best Lakes In Arizona For Camping

7 / Set Camp At Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt lake camping site offers a larger viewing area and is a good camping site for almost anyone.


One can choose to pitch up a tent on the lakeside or the vicinity; either is safe. This site is usually rocky, so pack up a thick mattress or sleeping bags for extra comfort.

Roosevelt Lake is often linked with high winds. It is thus important to consider staking shelters and pitching tents strongly to avoid being blown off.

No facilities are provided in the area thus campers are required to carry their own. For skeet shooting fans, this site offers the best environment so make sure to pack up some shotguns.

Tips: Bring along a mattress, toiletries, tent, and food.

8/ Visit Marshall Lake

For campers looking for spacious open ground with a peaceful environment and starry skies, Marshall Lake is the perfect fit.

Marshall Lake is located on Forest Highway 3, 9 miles from Arizona. Many camping sites can be spotted in the area just about 3 miles on Forest Road 128.

All of these camping sites are at the top level, each having fire pits, pine trees, and offering the privacy needed.

The fisher point, 6 miles from the sites, offers a lovely view of Coconino National forest.


You can also relax on the banks of Marshall Lake as you feel the breeze and watch the trout stocked in the lake. Carry along tent, food, and a sleeping bag.

9/ Pitch A Tent At Apache Lake

Camping at the burnt coral site on Apache Lake serves as an excellent recreational getaway.


This camping site is suitable for numerous camping activities such as fishing, boat riding, and skiing.

The site is situated on the upper part of Apache Lake which stretches 17 miles.

Vehicle passes are charged at $6 a day which is acquired at the Tonto National Forest Ranger. There are no fees for camping on the site.

10 / Camp At Patagonia Lake State Park

This is a perfect place for boat riding. You will find rowboats, canoes, kayaks, among other boats being rented out by the parks authority.


The management also allows for visitors to carry along their vessels should they prefer it. Patagonia Lake State is home to close to 120 camping sites, each having professional accommodation furniture such as picnic tables.

The park’s main recreational activity is fishing, and the lake is home dozens of fish species.

Pedestrian bridges are made available for hikers who will find the view from those spots quite intriguing.

Tips: Carry fishing equipment, tent, swimsuit, and sleeping bags.

The Final Say

These camping sites, as stated, have their distinctions from the rest. Campers find it an enjoyable experience camping in Arizona and always come back or recommend to others.

This gesture has ensured a continuous flow of visitors worldwide who exploit every aspect of the camping sites.

These campsites are the safest in Arizona, so there is no need to worry about insecurity cases. Have fun in Arizona!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and leave a comment with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!